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Meet Our Craft Beers


Hopped Up ‘n Horny – India Pale Ale 6.3% ABV | 41 IBUs
This brew has a very high hop presence in flavor and aroma with just enough bitterness to balance the caramel malt flavors.  We dry hop this beer with almost 1.5 pounds of hops per barrel which is very high by industry standards.  one of the dominant hops of this brew is a new experimental variety out of Yakima Valley that was just released in the last couple of years.  We use a four-hop blend for a unique and complex flavor profile.


Horny Blonde – German Blonde Lager 5.0% ABV | 20 IBUs

This beer is brewed to be clean and crisp with the hops slightly edging out the malt on the taste.  A generous addition of German hops will leave the finish quite dry which is accentuated by the softness on the palate given by the white wheat.  Horny Blonde took Silver in the Premium Lager category at the 2012 Great International Beer Festival.

TangoDelta_logoTango Delta Tangerine IPA 6.8% ABV | 69 IBUs

This citrus bomb starts off as a light bodied IPA brewed with craft hops and malts.  It then goes all renegade on your palate, with the addition of fresh tangerine juice that adds a slight sweetness to complement the bold hop presence.





Archer Apple Brown Ale 5.4% ABV

Archer Apple Brown Ale has all the apple cider flavor you want in a brown ale without any of the drawbacks.  Two-row, chocolate and caramel malts and oats anchor a flavor profile that’ll make your taste buds quiver, as fresh-pressed Door County apple cider blended into the brew gives you the perfect apple-shot to the kisser.


Wisconzin- IPA 7.1% ABV | 70 IBUs

This big IPA has a medium malt backbone and is generously hopped with Citra and Amarillo hops.  We add the juice of real Zinfandel grapes to the fermenter which adds some heavy notes of blackberry, raspberry, and pepper.

Watermelon Wheat 5.6% ABV | 19 IBUs
You asked and we listened. We’re showing our melons! The backbone of this brew is heavy on the wheat with just a touch of Vienna malt for complexity. We add real watermelon to our tanks during fermentation, leaving a fruity essence on the back end. German hops balance the fruit perfectly in this wheat ale for a slightly dry, extremely refreshing finish.


Laka Laka Pineapple Hefeweizen 5.1% ABV | 17 IBUs

A refreshing and unique take on traditional German style wheat beer.  Laka Laka has strong banana and clove notes from the yeast, a soft mouthfeel from the high wheat content in the malt bill, and pineapple juice added post-fermentation.


Oktoberfest 5.6% ABV | 21 IBUs
This is a malt forward beer with caramel and biscuit qualities.  We use German Noble hops throughout the boil because they are low in alpha acids.  This means we can add large amounts with out exceeding out bittering target, leaving the beer very balanced, but with a great deal of hop flavor in the middle of the beer.



HornyCopia 6.3% ABV | 23 IBUs
We mash in pumpkins with 2 row, Vienna and Caramel malts for a hearty ale with just the right amount of body. Spices added to the boil create a complex yet deliciously harmonious flavor. We used pumpkin and spice to yield a brew we proudly describe as “Pumpkin Pie in a Bottle”



Brownie Porter 5.6% ABV | 27 IBUs
The malt bill of this brew is comprised of seven different malts for a very complex base.  We add brown sugar to the boil which will increase the alcohol content and give the beer a molasses flavor.  Cinnamon is then added to the whirlpool to finish.  Finally, the beer is aged on Tahitian vanilla beans and Ecuadorian cacao nibs for a true brownie flavor.





Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter 6.5% ABV | 55 IBUs

A full bodied porter that gets its dark luscious color from the generous use of roasted malts.  You’ll get just the right amount of chocolate and peanut butter to question whether you’re drinking a glass of delicious suds or popping a peanut butter cup in your mouth.

SaisonSong_LoRes_LogoSaison Song 6.5% ABV

This Farmhouse Ale is brewed with French yeast for a complex ester and phenol profile.  Brewed to finish dry and refreshing with both sweet and tart notes from the fresh strawberries added after fermentation.

BVIPALogoBlack Vanilla IPA 6.6% ABV | 65 IBUs

This take on a Cascadian Dark Ale is loaded with Northern Brewer and Centennial hops for a unique flavor combination showcasing both earthy and bright hop tones.  A malty and slightly roasted backbone is perfectly complemented by the addition of real vanilla beans to the aging tanks on this one of a kind black IPA.